Reflections: Stormy Beauty over the Teton’s Jackson Lake

Grand Teton's Jackson Lake after the storm
Grand Teton's Jackson Lake after the storm
Grand Teton's Jackson Lake after the storm

Storms happen frequently in Spring, especially in the United States … they’re not as violent here in Prague. I’ve always been someone who loves to watch the storms. In our prior backyard, I’d lie back on the kids’ slide and watch as clouds billowed and puffed and sailed by, wrenching colors out of the changing atmosphere that I never thought possible. Those storms happen when the weather changes–hot to cold, cold to hot, etc. Big changes. Like in Spring.

I think it’s the same in our lives–those times of change, the big sweeps of one phase of life to another, cause the most storms. The storms of life can be just as violent as the storms of Spring.

When I took this photograph, I was sitting at the edge of Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons National Park, USA, and watching the weather swing wild with color and wind. It was breathtaking watching it, especially for the reflections on the water. For from the side, the reflections on the storm have a story to tell– colors and shapes and energy and blows that can’t be seen from inside the storm.

Perhaps it’s that way in our lives … the reflections of our lives are like ripples upon the water. We gain meaning from the storms of life when we look and observe, and reflect.

Do you like to storm-watch? Why?

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7 thoughts on “Reflections: Stormy Beauty over the Teton’s Jackson Lake

  1. I love storms, especially when I’m writing. In fiction, they are useful tools to mirror character emotion or times of great conflict. In life, they serve as a reminder of impermanence and just how small we really are.

    You photograph and reflections on storms are beautiful. Great post!

  2. Lovely post Jennifer – when I look at photos like this my heart sees the sky post storm and is often cleansing. Once I work through the storm peace seems to come to me and hopefully turns me in the right direction – after reflection and corrections comes renewal.

    Hope you are all well!

    1. Thank you, Jill. Your thoughts are beautiful. Storms really speak sometimes. I love the thought of peace after the storm.

      Have a great day!


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