Life in Prague as an Artist & Writer

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

“Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

One of my favorite parts of the internet world is getting to know other writers and artists. Writers and artists aren’t folks who are easily known. We don’t have cards we hand out or wear certain spiffy suits to mark us as doing something notable. But in the cyberworld, we tend to find each other. One such friend is Lisa Ahn.

Lisa wrote me a few months ago and asked me if I would write a guest post for her excellent blog, The Hatchery. Out of admiration and based on years of writerly camaraderie, I agreed. “Of course!” I said. “What would you like me to write about?”

Lisa didn’t hesitate. “What it’s like to be a writer and artist in a city like Prague.”

There is so much to say about living in Prague– the language barriers, the people, the incredible places and sites, the natural beauty. But there is also something deeper which is hard to put a finger on. For me, that is the feeling of so many lives that were lived there–the history, the people, the art.

So that is where I began for my piece on Life in Prague as an Artist & Writer. I tried to put a finger on the significance of my experience in Prague, and how it changed me as a person. Here is the beginning of my piece for Lisa …

Life in Prague as an Artist & Writer

When I was very small, I loved to watch my grandmother play the piano. She could play anything by request—she had the rare gift of playing by ear. At age five, I decided I, too, wanted to learn to play the piano. I bought a set of four plastic busts of the classical composers at a garage sale, which I kept with me wherever I went. Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and Mozart became my early heroes.

I did grow up doing other (more normal) things besides collecting statues of dead musicians, but I continued with the piano, and took up playing the viola in fifth grade. I have always loved music, in addition to reading and writing, painting and photography.

In 2009, when my husband and I found out we had a chance to move to Prague, Czech Republic, for his job, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. For me, living in and traveling throughout Europe with my family seemed like a dream come true.

And it was, all four years. …  To read more, click here:

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One further note: Lisa’s introduction had me teary-eyed. It was the kindest, most thoughtful introduction I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe the woman she wrote about is me. Thank you very much, Lisa, for the privilege of getting to write at your site.

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