My Pitch for The Golden Willow

This week, I’m attending a writers conference called Muse and the Marketplace run by the esteemed Grub Street Writers in Boston. All sorts of bookish people will be there, including some of my favorite authors, writers, literary agents, and editors. I’ve heard much about it and have dreamed of going for more than four years. This year, I’m excited to get to go! (A big thanks to my husband for holding down the King fort for a few days!)

In preparation for the conference, I’ve been practicing the pitch for my novel THE GOLDEN WILLOW, and I thought I’d share it here.

My Pitch for The Golden Willow:

The short, one-sentence hook:

THE GOLDEN WILLOW is set in New Orleans and coastal Italy and is about a woman trying to recover a painting of her grandmother lost in World War II, which reveals a woman and a story that no one has ever known.


The Longer Pitch:

I’ve recorded my paragraph-length pitch on video. Though it’s not an Academy Award performance, it’s me talking about a story I love and am excited to share with others.


The Golden Willow pitch video from Jennifer Lyn King on Vimeo.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers. It’s sure to be a great week! xo JK

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12 thoughts on “My Pitch for The Golden Willow

  1. Would definitely buy the book based on your excellent summation in the video. I think you’ve got a winner !! Have a feeling you don’t need good luck wishes – you’re going to do very well. Sending them anyway (:

  2. Jennifer,
    What fun !! I hope you have a fabulous time. Can’t wait for your novel–it sounds intriguing.

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