wildflowers at sunrise, maremma, italy

February 22: Prayers

I don’t think that God has a preference as to when or how we connect with him in prayer. He delights in a sincere heart. EnJOY Today.

Lupine field, Somes Sound, Maine

February 17: Lupine Meadow

God knows our hearts and will lead us to special places of rest. We don’t have to look for serene moments; we just have to be open to them. EnJOY Today.

beauty butterfly

February 12: Beauty

Even covered with ice and snow, the dead of winter can be beautiful. He takes our struggles and exchanges them for a delicate crown of beauty. EnJOY Today.

Maremma, Italy

February 10: Outstretched

God’s love for us is infinite. He outstretches his arms and reminds us that our wrongs are as far from us as the east is from the west. EnJOY Today.

Ready to bloom again

February 9: Chill

God’s love is unfailing; he will not abandon us. God knows that the times of heat and cold allow us to bloom more beautifully. EnJOY Today.

Field of Poppies, Eastern Europ

February 8: Only Dust

God delights in our best efforts as we learn, grow, and become more of who he made us to be. He remembers that he made humans out of dust. EnJOY Today.


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