Oh, Boy! What to Do if your Child Suffers a Serious Fall

I wish parenting came with a guidebook, an instant what-to-do manual for direction when we encounter some of the scariest of parenting emergencies. This past weekend was one when I really needed it. Many of you probably know I am a mom of three sons. It’s one of the most incredible privileges of my life,Continue reading “Oh, Boy! What to Do if your Child Suffers a Serious Fall”

Finding Sanity in a Mom’s Chaos

One of the most marked-up books in our home library is a book that changed my life. Years ago, several years into the Mom journey, I bumped into a book called Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul by Angela Thomas. With a title like that, and knowing how little mercy I felt in my roleContinue reading “Finding Sanity in a Mom’s Chaos”