Authors: 5 Steps to Building Your Own (Professional-Grade) Website

Some may say simple writers may not be able to build their own website, and have it look professional-grade. But I disagree. I think if you can structure a 80 – 100,000 word novel to lure a reader through a story to page 380, and you can bake a cake from a box, then youContinue reading “Authors: 5 Steps to Building Your Own (Professional-Grade) Website”

The Publicity Dilemma

Some days I admit to being a “gearhead” (the result of my Mechanical engineering degree). Most days, I love to get my technology fix (again, “gearhead”). For almost a year, I’ve walked around in awe at the sleek and elegant mobile device I’ve carried in my hand to connect to the world– my iPhone. LikeContinue reading “The Publicity Dilemma”