Mycenae and Ancient Greece: A Photojournal

“Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter.” ― Homer, The Iliad It all began when my oldest son, then twelve years old, began to read Rick Riordan’s young adult series with the character Percy Jackson, who isContinue reading “Mycenae and Ancient Greece: A Photojournal”

The Acropolis, Athens, and the Aegean Sea: a Photojournal

“All my life one of my greatest desires has been to travel–to see and touch unknown countries, to swim in unknown seas, to circle the globe, observing new lands, seas, people, and ideas with insatiable appetite, to see everything for the first time and for the last time, casting a slow, prolonged glance, then toContinue reading “The Acropolis, Athens, and the Aegean Sea: a Photojournal”

Epidaurus, the Theater from Ancient Greece: A Photojournal

“The Theater at Epidaurus is considered one of the purest masterpieces of Greek architecture and dates from the 4th century. The vast site, with its temples and hospital buildings devoted to its healing gods, provides valuable insight into the healing cults of Greek and Roman times.” – Epidaurus, Greece brochure From all of my travelsContinue reading “Epidaurus, the Theater from Ancient Greece: A Photojournal”