10 Favorite Places to Visit in Italy

“From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in Rome… He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.” -Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad, 1869   The Great Love Affair with Italy Out of the twenty-six countriesContinue reading “10 Favorite Places to Visit in Italy”

Ponte Sant’Angelo : Bridge of Angels, Rome

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for, without being seen, they are present with you. – St Francis de Sales The Sculptures of Ponte Sant’Angelo: Bridge of Angels, Rome One of my favorite places in Rome, I found while walking between the crowded and celestial Vatican City toward theContinue reading “Ponte Sant’Angelo : Bridge of Angels, Rome”

Rome in a Day: My Favorite Spot (and the GREAT view)

There are some places that fuel the imagination and open the mind to centuries of life that fill every history book. For me, Rome is that place. The Vatican, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain, The Sistene Chapel … so much to see and experience in Rome!   This year wasContinue reading “Rome in a Day: My Favorite Spot (and the GREAT view)”

Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal

Our October vacation in Tuscany, in the Maremma region in sight of the Argentario peninsula, was spectacularly refreshing. Not only was the beach completely deserted, but we were so far out of civilization we were without television or internet during our stay. The silence felt deafening, at first. But soon, the hum of modern noiseContinue reading “Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal”