Fields of Gold

“As we walk in fields of gold …” -Sting Over the past month, vast fields of gold have stolen my heart. Especially as the sun peeks out from behind its billowing cloudy covers–when the golden sunlight illuminates golden fields, I am captivated. By the movement. By the stunning color and contrast, and resonant beauty. And every time IContinue reading “Fields of Gold”

What Prague Looks Like in Winter

This week, as I continue work on my in-progress novel (and deplete all of my brain cells), I’m taking the opportunity to post photographs I’ve taken from in and around Prague this winter. So, what does Prague look like in the winter? Beautiful! And, given the heap-loads of snow we’ve had in the past fewContinue reading “What Prague Looks Like in Winter”

The Uncharted Trail

“Our dreams are only big enough when they include a miracle …” -unknown Not too far from our home in Prague, we drive along a highway overlooking a mysterious castle in the near distance. The façade of pale ivory creates a striking contrast with its slate blue roof, and the surrounding dense forest. Even thoughContinue reading “The Uncharted Trail”