Reflections: Prague Castle at Night

 “History teaches everything including the future.” -Lamartine Prague Castle at night Last week, I celebrated my 4th blogiversary and yesterday I posted about the photograph I took of the Prague Castle at night reflected in the Vltava River. Technology works and doesn’t work sometimes, and the email feature connected to my blog has been aContinue reading “Reflections: Prague Castle at Night”

Web Browsers: 3 Reasons to Use Firefox

As far as I’m concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.  ~John McClane, Die Hard 2 In the past few weeks, one of my sons has been interviewing me for a school project about different inventions that were made in my lifetime. It’s been funny seeing technological advances through his eyes — microwaves, remote controls, cellContinue reading “Web Browsers: 3 Reasons to Use Firefox”