My Pitch for The Golden Willow

This week, I’m attending a writers conference called Muse and the Marketplace run by the esteemed Grub Street Writers in Boston. All sorts of bookish people will be there, including some of my favorite authors, writers, literary agents, and editors. I’ve heard much about it and have dreamed of going for more than four years.Continue reading “My Pitch for The Golden Willow”

The Golden Willow: Inspiration for My Novel

  The entire panel of the wall bumped out toward us, where Luc felt for another hidden latch. “Literature and art—my father always says those are the two connectors to the past, to our histories.” The thick piece disengaged from its resting spot and creaked open on shackle-like hinges. “Which is why we have thisContinue reading “The Golden Willow: Inspiration for My Novel”