Article in Salon: Georgia O’Keeffe and the Gender Debate

“O’Keeffe perhaps didn’t need Stieglitz to achieve her artistic prime. Maybe she would’ve found herself in New Mexico fueled by Nature and its rugged beauty faster without him. Whether or not the world would’ve embraced a woman and her art without his controversial influence is another question. Today, would we say Georgia O’Keeffe is a great woman artist,Continue reading “Article in Salon: Georgia O’Keeffe and the Gender Debate”

Essentials for Writing a Novel

“Everything you ever wanted – personally and professionally – is 2 or 3 steps beyond your comfort zone.” -Andy Andrews Everyone has a story to tell. I believe that. And based on that belief, I’m want to encourage you to tell your story. Every November, the #NaNoWriMo phenomenon goes on — National Novel Writing MonthContinue reading “Essentials for Writing a Novel”

Why I Still Blog (After 7 Years!)

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.” – Ernest Hemingway Writing is one of the most wonderful, yet often frustrating occupations. It’s sometimes easy to think up what you want to write about, but to sit down and get it onto paperContinue reading “Why I Still Blog (After 7 Years!)”

11 Favorite Quotes from Classic Literature

 On art and literature: “A great deal has been written about art, but only recently has research begun in earnest about what goes on in the mind and brain when reading literature.” – K. Oatley & M. Dijikic in the New York Times, 12/21/14   One of my annual goals is to read. I findContinue reading “11 Favorite Quotes from Classic Literature”

My Pitch for The Golden Willow

This week, I’m attending a writers conference called Muse and the Marketplace run by the esteemed Grub Street Writers in Boston. All sorts of bookish people will be there, including some of my favorite authors, writers, literary agents, and editors. I’ve heard much about it and have dreamed of going for more than four years.Continue reading “My Pitch for The Golden Willow”

The Rooms Are Filled by Jessica Null Vealitzek

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft   Two years ago at a writers conference, I stood in the hallway of a hotel in midtown Manhattan, and said hi to one of the first faces which smiled my way. She was from Chicago and had twoContinue reading “The Rooms Are Filled by Jessica Null Vealitzek”

FALLEN BEAUTY by Erika Robuck: the Novel to Read This Spring

“You see, I am a poet, and not quite right in the head, darling. It’s only that.” -Edna St. Vincent Millay   Today, my dear friend and writing critique partner, Erika Robuck, has her fourth novel, FALLEN BEAUTY, out on shelves! To celebrate, I’d like to share a bit about Erika and also have aContinue reading “FALLEN BEAUTY by Erika Robuck: the Novel to Read This Spring”

What It Means to Be an Artist: 8 Truths on Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt from I ALWAYS LOVED YOU

Art is a mystery. From my first memories, I’ve always loved to draw, to write, to create. I still do, and write and paint regularly, daily. But as I’ve grown older, I wonder about art — the why and how behind it, and often, the meaning. Creating is hard. Art is important. To be anContinue reading “What It Means to Be an Artist: 8 Truths on Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt from I ALWAYS LOVED YOU”