Before two weeks ago, I’d never heard the word Staycation. But I saw an article on 2008’s newest words being added to sites and dictionaries, and Staycation was on that list.

Clever, I thought. And so true. This year happens to be one of those years where we debated for quite some time about what we wanted to do with the remainder of our vacation time. Traditionally, we drive south, stop to get over-stimulated at Disney World for a day or two, and then continue down Florida as far south as we can go. Once we’ve parked our minivan in a condominium parking lot, the car doesn’t move for the rest of the week as we soak in sun rays, stroll endlessly on the beach, dig bottomless craters in the sand, and just overall live as five beach bums subsisting on Fruit Loops and hard-boiled eggs. But the mindset changed a bit last Christmas-time as we weathered five of the seven days on the beach in winter coats. Though the cold snap brought bucket-loads of sand dollars and starfish, we decided that this year might be time to consider a break. A break from the break, that is. So, we’re on our first intentional Staycation. says a Staycation is an “alternative to pricey, stressful travel,” and defines it as “taking time off from work to enjoy life at home.” Wikipedia says that though Staycations may cost less money than a traditional vacation, they may make keeping up with email and catching up on work more tempting.

This two weeks of our Staycation, we have done much more of the little things around the area—family activities like snow tubing at a local ski resort, visiting Santa (not sure if the line was fun, but the experience was perfect for our youngest at least), and touring the nearby Museum of Natural History. Adding in other fun things like dipping the night away with friends at a fondue restaurant, watching movies, and sporting away many afternoons at our Lifetime with racquetball, rock climbing, basketball, and swimming, we’ve had a memorable time with plenty of fun for all. Sure, having an iPhone makes keeping up with email easy (and convenient), and since I’m a writer, I still write at least a couple of hours each day. So, I guess I could say that Staycation has provided a relaxing atmosphere to do what needed to be done as well. A win-win in my mind.

I will surely remember this Christmas 2008 as being one of the best, and Staycation certainly has something to do with it. Though my toes are looking forward to sand and surf, this time staying at home for vacation has been enjoyable and relaxing—a great Staycation for all.

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  1. Interesting, now they’ve actually put a word to this concept! Sounds like you’ve had a great holiday – blog looks great, friend!

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