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A song popular some years ago by Soul 2 Soul entitled Keep On Movin’ was a favorite of mine. The beat kept moving with a catchy rhythm, and the lyrics repeated endlessly the phrase “keep on moving, don’t stop.” Keep On Movin’ has always been one of those songs which I could sing in my head all day long—all week long, for that matter. And before I know it, I’ve kept on moving through the grind of life, and kept on moving more, without taking a time to slow down.

Each year, with all the gains in technology, as a society we’re able to accomplish more, do more, and keep on moving longer than we could even the year previous. But one thing, I think, does not change, which is our common need to slow down. We can work and run and drive and accomplish, but when do we let our souls catch up to our bodies? When do we allow ourselves the chance to be unproductive? Is it possible to have enough margin space in modern life to take a breath and really enjoy a day once in a while? How can we even remember how to rest?

Rest is the name of a recently released book by author Keri Wyatt Kent, and in its contents, Keri addresses the need for rest in the midst of our busy lives. Another word Keri commonly uses in her book is Sabbath, nearly synonymous with the word Rest. One of Webster’s definitions for Sabbath is “a day of rest or prayer.” In her book, Keri makes practical suggestions of ways to incorporate the ancient Biblical practice of Sabbath into the rigors of modern-day life.

Years ago, I became a fan of Keri Wyatt Kent when I read her book entitled God’s Whisper in a Mother’s Chaos. Since then, I’ve become friends with Keri, and now have the privilege of asking Keri a question or two about her book, Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity, and am posting them here to share them with you. Keri also is the author of Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life. Rest picks up where that one left off—offering life-giving guidance for living a sanely-paced, God-focused life.


So, Keri, to you, what is Sabbath, and what is its purpose?


Sabbath, first and foremost, is a gift from our loving God. He invites us to
take a day to rest from our labor, so that we might engage in relationship with
him and with others.

Jennifer: What should a reader expect to gain by reading Rest?


I think Jesus said it best: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you REST.” Rest gives practical help to readers who are tired, frazzled, and feeling like they are too busy. It is a non-legalistic, grace-filled, practical approach to finding a sane pace. The book teaches how to live in Sabbath Simplicity–not with formulas or lists, but by listening to God through the stories of other people just like you. Most of all, readers will discover how to receive the gift of Sabbath. Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity provides practical ways to slow down and simplify. It offers the gift of Sabbath, as a lifestyle and a spiritual practice.


Keri and Zondervan are graciously offering a free book for readers of this blog. To become eligible for the drawing, leave a comment below (or for email feed, click at to leave a comment) for a chance to win a copy of Rest. If you leave a question, Keri will be glad to try to answer it. We’ll select a winner on Sunday, January 25.

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  1. Jennifer,Thanks for sharing this with me. My women’s study is working thru the issue of slowing down and resting and taking Sabbath. How appropriate. This looks like it will be a good resource for us. Have a great day! Tell Tyler he did a great job today, scoring and he also did well getting rebounds and staying with his guy and playing good defense! Regan

  2. For everyone who left a comment and the many who sent an email, I want to say thank you for responding, for Rest … the winner is Michelle. Congrats! And again, thank you!

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