There is something about daffodils that makes my heart sing—their glorious pronouncement of spring, their sunny disposition, the carefree dance in the early spring breeze, the bold trumpet and frilly skirt, the sweet fragrance, and their rain-slicker yellow coloring. I can’t tell exactly what it is about a daffodil that is so attractive, but having a week with them on the table lifts my spirits in more ways than I can imagine.

As I brought in a luscious bouquet of daffodils yesterday, I had a pressing thought: there is no more intense beauty than a soul that is free.

Life and people often put us into tiny cages—ones meant to keep us under control. Certainly, restraint is often a good thing, and control is somewhat essential for society’s survival. But then, the flip side of that, a soul that is free is amazing.

Perhaps today we can allow ourselves to embrace a little more of what makes us tick. And perhaps today we can release someone else from unattainable expectations, and give the greatest gift of all—affirmation and love for being simply themselves.

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