Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Switzerland, and Home to Prague: a photojournal

the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The opportunity to drive to Italy for a family vacation was truly a dream. Not only did we experience the grand mountains of the Alps, but also saw things we did not expect to see: countless castles, gravity-defying vineyard terraces and hillside towns, and sailboats dotting the azure Italian Riviera. It was surely a trip to remember for a lifetime.

the Leaning Tower of Pisa
the Leaning Tower of Pisa


Out of all the places to see in Italy, our boys were most excited about our first stop on our drive home to Prague from our beach villa in Maremma– Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa!
View of the square in Pisa
A statue on the square in Pisa
the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa
Who knew that the mountains surrounded Pisa, as it sits also near the sea?
A view of the Italian Alps as they sweep into the Northwest coast of Italy by the Mediterranean Sea.
The view that took our breath away, driving on the Northwest coast, the Italian Riviera.
Looking out over olive groves, to the Sea dotted with sailboats beside Lavagna, and across to the snow-capped Alps beyond.
The amazing villages built onto the sides of mountains.
We turned north at Genova, Italy, and crossed into Switzerland near Lake Como. Below, the beautiful Lake Como.
In the lower part of Switzerland wedged beside Italy, castles appear on every mountain ledge.
The magnificent waterfalls and views while climbing through the Swiss highlands.
Before our trip, we had hardly heard of Liechtenstein … we ate dinner in Liechtenstein, a country of 62 square miles and 35,000 residents. Beautiful!
The royal family in Liechtenstein lives in a castle (not sure if it’s this one, though).


We love, love, loved Italy, and cannot wait to go back. There are so many regions to explore, so many new foods and wines to taste, and so many beautiful sites and works of art to experience. I have a feeling this trip is only the first in a long love affair with Italy, one of the most beautiful countries imaginable.

Back to the rolling hills and mysterious mists of the Czech Republic … the place we now all feel is home. A wonderful feeling for new expats, indeed!
Thanks for coming along for the ride … -JK

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3 thoughts on “Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Switzerland, and Home to Prague: a photojournal

  1. Can you still climb to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa? In 1970 we went up the winding stairway, leaning against the outside wall on the "down" side, and finally emerged on top. A breathless view, yes, but that year it had no barriers. I remember gingerly approaching the edge and darting glances toward the ground. It seemed to draw me, mesmerizing and calling."Let's go!" my dad shouted. "Now! Everyone down!"He was trembling when we got to the bottom and looked at my mom with horror in his eyes. "If we'd stayed up there another moment, I would have jumped. I can't believe they don't have any barriers up there."I was 14 and my father seemed an alien from another planet most of the time. But that day, I realized we were more alike than I thought–and I was glad he acted.Great photos, as always, Jennifer. What a blessing the Lord has given your family and keep taking advantage of it! 🙂

  2. Jennifer, Wow!! What an experience for all of you. I have LOVED seeing all of the beautiful pictures of these beautiful places you have been. How I wish I could have given my boys this kind of education!!!Tell those that I miss them!!!jeannie

  3. Hi Michelle and Jeannie,Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, this really has been an incredible adventure to get to share with our kids… we're all loving it! We didn't climb to the top of the Pisa tower, but I know they do have safety barriers installed now. Great story, Michelle! I'm with you–leaning buildings aren't really my thing. 🙂 But it was awesome to see from the outside.Can't wait for our next visit to Italy … -JK

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