The Fragrance of Christmas

As Christmas approaches, and life becomes busier with the celebrations of the season, I enjoy settling down for a few minutes each day to remember the reason for the joy we have. I’m sharing an excerpt from my daily devotional, The One Year Mini for Busy Women, published in Tyndale House’s The One Year Brand line. Daily inspirationals / devotionals are a great way to slow down, and reflect for a few minutes each day.


Prague, Wencesles Square at Christmastime

December 6
She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger. (Luke 2:7)

Every perfume counter at the mall offers a new fragrance. Department stores are decked out in the sparkly splendor of the season. Beside every store’s entrance, a person rings a bell and asks for donations. In a world decked out for the holidays, it is time to spend money on gifts wrapped in glittery papers. In the bustle of buying, we can be far from experiencing Christ’s birth.

When Christ was born, he was not greeted by fragrant perfume, but by the aromas of a cow barn. Instead of the flashy lights we find in every store, Jesus was born under the pale light of a star. Instead of ringing bells and jingling money, Jesus heard the movements of cattle. There was no fanfare of radio jingles, but Jesus’ birth was announced by the glorious radiance of an angels’ choir. Jesus’ world was far different than the world we know.

This Christmas season, step back from the familiar commercialism and experience the simple truth and beauty of Jesus’ birth. Make time to reflect on the sights and smells, the sounds and feel of Jesus’ manger on that first Christmas Day. Jesus’ gift of life began that starry night.

What do you do during this busy season, to help slow down and enjoy the Christmas season?
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