Prague’s Summer Countryside

Field of Poppies and Colza

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

Field of Poppies and Colza
Field of Poppies and Colza

Just a little down the winding road, on the edge of the mountain overlooking Prague, Summer stretches out and quilts the ground in all her loveliness. It’s as if the sky squeezed every drop out of the color of lemon and poured it out over the landscape.

Lemon-squeezed Field, Prague

But just across the road, lined with ageless fruit trees, the sky painted blinding crimson into a field of Poppies.


Though I wrote about the swirling yellow fields a few weeks ago, I cannot escape that I am continually captivated.

Poppy Field, overlooking Prague

Years ago, on the tiny oceanside town of Somesville, Maine, I stumbled upon this field of lupine. Somehow, indescribably, the beauty in these flowering fields clings to me. And I am inspired, and moved, and refreshed. I wanted to share, in case these photographs might instill Summer and refreshment and vast beauty into your heart as well.

Lupine field, Somes Sound, Maine, USA

Here’s to summer, and to the loveliness that can be found on the less traveled trail …

Continuing the Conversation: What is your favorite flower of Summer? Do you have a memory of summer beauty that has stayed through time?

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