Rising Up Again

the grand beauty of Amaryllis

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming it.” -Helen Keller

the grand beauty of Amaryllis
the grand beauty of Amaryllis

Have you ever seen an amaryllis bulb? It seems to be one of the largest of the traditional garden bulbs– so big that it fills my hand when I hold one. Usually, a dormant amaryllis bulb is flaky and brown, sometimes spotted with what looks like rot or disease, and from the rounded bottom, what looks like dried and dead earthworms poke out. It’s really not a pretty site.

But what amazes me every time is when given the right conditions–sunlight, the right amount of water, and warmth–that dead-looking bulb begins something new. After a few days or a week, signs of new life are visible. A green sprout from the top. New white roots spreading from the bottom. And within a few weeks, the grand amaryllis flower makes her debut. And, oh– it is beautiful!

For the past several days, most of the world has been watching the ultimate devastation of a noble country: Japan. Certainly, it feels hopeless. I can’t imagine how desperate the people there feel. But there, in the bleakest-seeming place, courage and hope can and will rise up. Like Helen Keller so eloquently said, the human spirit will overcome even the deepest suffering.

To Japan and all of her bravery: GAMBARU, which in Japanese means never, ever give up.

Japan, you will be beautiful again, soon.

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