Mentors: Helping Us to Be More Than We Could Be On Our Own

a Sorbet Peony, dew-kissed, at first light

I carry your heart with me; I carry it in my heart. -e.e.cummings

a Sorbet Peony, dew-kissed, at first light
a Sorbet Peony, dew-kissed, at first light

In 1992, I enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program at Purdue University … a tough program, to say the least. I graduated with my engineering degree four and a half years after I started, though it wasn’t because of me. I had been lucky / blessed to be involved with a mentoring group within engineering, and I feel it was the relationships that I formed within that program that helped to pull me through.

Even today, I stay in close contact with some of the women I worked with at Purdue. And it is through these friendships, and one mentor in particular, that I am who I am today.

With the help of others, of people who act as grand gifts to our lives, who stretch us and believe in us,  we are pulled up further than we could be on our own. We become more of who we were truly meant to be. It is to these friends and mentors that I say thank you. I carry your heart onward with me.

One big hope I have for my life is to be able to mentor others, to give back and pay forward the tremendous encouragement that I have been given …

Do you have mentors in your life who have helped you to become more than you could’ve been on your own?

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