Finding A Place of Tranquility

Lupine flowers: the soft colors of tranquility

“The heart has its special places, quiet retreats, fragrant with the sweet perfume of flowers.” -Thomas Kinkade

Lupine flowers: the soft colors of tranquility
Lupine flowers: the soft colors of tranquility

Sometimes I stop to catch my breath in the whirl that is life as a wife and mom to three boys–in between the frequent grocery runs and the ball games and practices, in the midst of media hype and tragic world news–and I think I need to do it more often. Catch my breath, that is. Because I definitely do not need more television or internet or media hype. Life and living brings a need to find tranquility.

Sometimes, in order to do the creative work I do and to love the people I love best, I need to step away from the whirlwind and make time to search out the quiet. To find a place of respite for a world-weary heart.

Just as there is a softness to the colors in the photo above, of the enchanting, rich color of lupine, so must there be a softness at the center of our lives. Maybe there doesn’t have to be softness to live life, but I think there must be a tranquility in the center of our hearts if we are to live well, to live large. Because the places of living when we can reach another comes from that tranquil place–the gentleness that embodies kindness to others, the confident peace within that allows an open mind and a free spirit, and the encouraging words we can offer to friends who need a hand. In order to do that well, to live large, our hearts must have a place to rest.

That place to rest can start with tranquility at home. Home is where the heart is … and with tranquility, the heart can be at home.

Sometimes all we need is a personal delight — a photograph or a painting or a vase of fresh spring flowers — and we can find a ray of joy.

“I think most of us look at personal delights as somewhere between minimally important and borderline immoral. We like them, but we’re not sure we ought to. We seldom give them the high priority when other demands are competing for our attention. Nevertheless, the soul feeds on simple joys and withers without them.” -Victoria Moran

What do you think? Do you have a favorite simple joy? Can you indulge in it this week?


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