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If you’ve tried to visit my site,, in the past 7 days, you know that my site has been down. Some days, a directory appeared in the site’s place; some days, an error message. Most days, if you could have seen me at my computer, you would have witnessed my lacking techie side trying to figure out how to migrate my WordPress website from Yahoo web hosting (which I’ve used for 7 years) to a WordPress recommended web host. It was tough. new site homepage new site homepage


In case any of you are using Yahoo or GoDaddy for your website host service, you might want to check if they are providing what you need for your website. Between the two, their servers notoriously run super-slow, among other key tech things. But the problem I ran into was that WordPress (the best blogging and site platform) runs upgrades every couple months, and their latest update requires a certain level of PHP and MySQL version (geek language for what runs a website). Unfortunately, Yahoo stopped updating their versions of these essentials a couple of years ago, and I could no longer, and never would be able to continue to, use WordPress with its updates. Very disappointing for a paid service from Yahoo.

So, I tackled the move from Yahoo on my own. It could have gone much smoother, had I used a pro. It would have been seamless from the internet viewing side, probably. BUT, I wouldn’t trade the experience. I now know how to run / changeover / redesign / reconstruct my website.

I want to thank ALL of you for your patience and understanding during the changeover.

Added bonus: my website has a new look. A huge thank you to the great folks at Pexeto for their beautiful Dandelion theme.

Later this week, back to my regular blogging schedule …

I’d love it if you took a look: What do you think?

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