Work and Living, En Plein Air

Writing in Italy, along the Mediterranean

“The basis of human happiness is the possibility to be together with nature, to see it and to talk to it.” –Leo Tolstoy

Jennifer Lyn King
In the Alps

As I type these words, I sit outside on the patio tucked into the back corner of our house near Prague. Bees buzz lazily around the dainty blue catmint and fading lavender planted beside the patio, and creamy roses tinged in raspberry pink dazzle in the setting sunlight. A light breeze whisks across the yard. Puffy cumulus clouds sail across the powdery blue sky. Songbirds call out as they dart toward the feeder. And the notable Prague passenger pigeons make their whispering rounds of flight in tight formation. I type and I can’t help smiling, because there is something so free about being in this exact spot. I love to be outdoors.

Writing En Plein Air
Writing En Plein Air

I posted this photo this week on twitter, of my little spot on the patio as I worked on my work-in-progress novel. Of course, as a mom of three active boys home for the summer, Nerf bullets flew past me constantly. But for me, it’s still bliss.

Working / playing / painting / exercising outdoors has something extra compared with doing the same activities indoors. Perhaps the artists have it right, with their En Plein Air (meaning: In Open Air) Painting. There is so much more inspiration and creativity to be found while working outdoors, in open air.

“If I could make musicians of you all, you would thereby profit as painters. Everything in nature is harmony; a little too much, or else too little, disturbs the scale and makes a false note. One must reach the point of singing true with the pencil or with brush quite as much as with the voice; rightness of forms is like rightness of sounds.” –Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, French Neoclassical Painter

While in Austria, we’ve marveled at the Red Bull (energy drink) headquarters in Fuscl. Check out their outdoors/indoors creative arrangement by clicking here: the building is amazing … not to mention the Alps as the setting.

Writing in Italy, along the Mediterranean
Writing in Italy, along the Mediterranean

Whether I’m hiking in the Alps, walking along the Mediterranean, or sitting on my back patio, being outdoors in open air is the place I find indescribable wells of inspiration.

How about you? Where is your dream place to work? If you have a photo, you can attach it to your Comment, below. I’d love to hear about / and see your favorite Plein Air workplace!

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8 thoughts on “Work and Living, En Plein Air

  1. Jennifer –

    I could not agree more – being outside and having the sun on my face always brings peace, calm, joy and living in the moment! I love to be outside regardless of activity, since I work remotely I will often take my laptop outside on the deck and enjoy the gifts God has provided around me!

    Take care,

    ps – It is a fun picture of you

    1. Thanks, Jill! I can just picture you working outside on your deck. Enjoy the dwindling days of summer. – Jennifer

  2. My favorite place to be is outside also. Writing, reading, running, whatever is always better outdoors. Watching nature at work is truly amazing if one stops moving long enough to just be. I am inspired the most by the mountains. My recent trip to Colorado gave me just that.

    I love your outdoor space. It looks so peaceful, nerf bullets and all! 🙂

    1. Thanks Hallie!

      Every word you wrote says it so well. Now, if we could just take the outdoor spaces to the mountains or the beach, with a great place to write … :o)

      Enjoy your last days of summer! -Jennifer

  3. Hey there! I spent this morning sitting under an ancient live oak and revising my latest MS. Perfectly in line w/your sentiments! Thank you, God, for laptops! Writing outside is the best.

  4. I love these pictures! Especially the gorgeous one of you! My favorite places are simple—quiet, no kids, not too cold. So many of the places I write where the kids are NOT (coffee shops, etc.) have the air conditioning blasting. The one benefit of our LONG winter in Minneapolis is that I don’t have to worry about freezing inside during that time. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nina!
      Funny, if you lived in Europe, you wouldn’t have to worry about air conditioning, even when it’s 100*F. There is no a/c here. So the indoors-is-outdoors principle is pretty easy to achieve in Prague: no air movement unless the windows and doors are open. Funny, coming from the mentality in America. Enjoy the last of summer!

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