The Essentials for Surviving Life’s Tough Spots

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. -Anne Lamott

A Burst of Color from the Garden
A Burst of Color from the Garden

Being human means that life won’t always go smoothly. Last week for me was a very bumpy road made rough by a medical emergency, my severly suffering child, a rusting post-Communist hospital, and a wide language gap. Yep, it was a tough spot in the grand scheme of life.

It’s hard to know how to handle an emergency when it happens, but as it’s often said, the only way is through it. But moving through problems to get past a tough time is not easy. This is what I’ve come up with: 8 must-dos for moving through life’s tough spots with grace:

1) Pray.

2) Rest.

3) Eat and drink well.

4) Exercise.

5) Spend time with family and close friends.

6) Surround self with beauty.

7) Repeat  1-6 until you can breathe. Return to repeat when needed.

8) Get back to work doing what you love.

For me, that’s writing. I’m loving getting back to work on a new novel work-in-progress.

Here, from my last week of moving through 1-8, the results of #6:

A dash of light
A dash of light
Garden roses
Garden roses
Rose at first light
Rose at first light
Another garden bouquet
Another garden bouquet

A huge thank you to friends and family for all of your support during difficult times. Life would not be nearly as rich and full without you.

For you: (I’ve changed my comments software to be an easier version. Thanks for the suggestions, friends!) What do you do to pull through one of life’s tough spots? Advice to share? Thanks!


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Great New
Great New



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4 thoughts on “The Essentials for Surviving Life’s Tough Spots

  1. Oh, Jennifer. I’m so sorry, still, about your bad, bad week. But you did, indeed, capture beauty in the midst of trials and tribulation. The photos are SO gorgeous! Did you grow them yourself?

    For me, exercise always seems to be a big factor in getting through crappy times.


    1. Thank you so much, Melissa. Yes, when we moved to Prague, I planted a few roses (my favorite flower) and lavender, and they’ve all thrived in the European climate. The roses just happened to be bursting into full bloom last week. (Happy times!)

      I agree with you about exercise. It always seems to even things out. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!


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