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“Nothing is worth more than this day.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The View of Prague's Spires toward Old Town, from Charles Bridge
The View of Prague’s Spires toward Old Town, from Charles Bridge

If you’ve ever traveled to Prague, you probably flew in and know the airport is outside the city to the west. In recent months, getting from the airport to Prague’s Centrum (Center) is more challenging than it was. Not only is Prague constructing a new subway to the airport, but they’re (still) constructing the Blanca Tunnel under the Vltava River, the Smichov Tunnel under Smichov, and reconstructing the Letunsky Tunnel into Old Town. What that makes is one big Detour sign pointing to the single main road entering the city from the west.

Traffic? Oh, yes. But if you are arriving into Prague and trying to get into the city, the good news is that the remaining open road winds down the hill beside the Prague Castle. The views are stunning, which means that while you near-miss scraping with trams and buses, you’ll have a breathtaking scene for your first Prague photos. Construction or not, Prague is still beautiful, and so is the September weather.

Prague, the view from Petrin Hill
Prague, the view from Petrin Hill


My family and I are on our fourth and final year here in Prague, and I still have to pinch myself when walking around the fairy tale city in which we live. I still can’t get enough. Prague has me with her beauty.


The View over Prague and the Vltava River, Painting
The View over Prague and the Vltava River, one of my paintings

Since we’ve moved here, we’ve gotten a dog, a parakeet, and now a cat. A zoo, it seems. The cat’s a true alley kitten, but he’s come to charm us all–even the dog. And, I’m learning the nuances of living in a house of not only 3 active boys, but of a Tom and Jerry-like chase between the dog and cat. It’s hilarious. I’m beginning to understand those phrases culture tosses out, like: “Crazy cat” and “Curiosity killed the cat.” Our kitten’s curiosity just might get him. See?


Moric the acrobat
Moric the acrobat


I love this threshold of autumn, when September sweeps in and school is well underway. Here in Prague, schooldays mean interesting things and fascinating people: Emmy-winning directors, Forbes list tycoons and their earpiece-fitted bodyguards, government intelligence folks, ambassadors, and even royalty. It’s stunning. A writer’s dream.


Prague's Charles Bridge
Prague’s Charles Bridge

Now, as I see the morning mists hovering over the Prague Castle as I drive, I am more grateful for Prague and our experiences here more than ever. I’ll be walking through each day, camera in one hand, pen in the other, with my heart open, ready for a fantastic year one day at a time. These years in Europe with my family have truly been a gift.

For you: Have you visited / lived in Prague? What is your favorite part? And what types of things are you looking forward to this school year?


The Great New Books September 2012 book pick: Hemingway's Girl
The Great New Books September 2012 book pick: Hemingway’s Girl

Other Non-Prague news: Many of you know that a group of writer friends and I have started a book club blog and website called Great New Books ( and we have 2 very special things going on this week:

1) A giveaway of our September book pick, Erika Robuck’s Hemingway’s Girl, from now until Friday at midnight; and

2) A vote for our next 3 months of book picks at our Voting page.

We’re asking for input as we make our list of upcoming reads for the next five months. We have a Facebook page, too. We’d love for you to join us in discovering and discussing Great New Books!



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10 thoughts on “The Latest from Prague

  1. Breathtaking photos! Still lamenting (especially after your post) the fact that I had to turn down my work trip to Prague years ago in lieu of staying back and running the office while the more senior staffers did the photo shoot/interviews with alumni there. Sigh.

    It sounds like a writer’s DREAM! Enjoy your last year.

  2. I visited Prague twenty years ago and would have to say the bridge was my favorite place. After that, the many cobblestone streets and festivals held there. Your photos are amazing! You’ve really captured the essence of the city.

    1. Thank you, JoDee. I agree. The Charles Bridge is the centerpiece of Prague for me. There is so much history there, with the time-blackened sculptures and statues, and the morning fog and light. It’s magical, to say the least.

      Thank you for the kind words. Prague is an artist’s sandbox. It’s been such a gift.

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