Great Books: My 2012 Reading Log

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” – Oscar Wilde

Way back in January, I set a few goals for 2o12. One of them was for exercise (800 miles in 2012), one of them was for writing (still working on accomplishing it), and one of them was for reading. 50 books in 2012, to be exact.

My Inspiration

Friend and fellow writer / Great New Books team member Nina Badzin inspired me to take up the challenge, as she has been doing a 50 Books Challenge for a couple of years. I love to read, and since I’m a novelist, reading helps me with writing, but I wasn’t sure how I’d do with such an aggressive goal.

After all, I have a house full of active boys, and live in a foreign country where life is everything but easy. But I love to set a goal and try, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying. Logging my books read at Goodreads, posting them on twitter at #FridayReads, and now reading along with running Great New Books. Only now, 9 months into the year, have I stepped back to see if I’m on track.

Jennifer Lyn King with Sarah Jio's Blackberry Winter beside the Prague Castle
Me, holding friend Sarah Jio’s new BLACKBERRY WINTER beside the Prague Castle

I’m so glad I’ve taken up the challenge. Below, a visual list of the books I’ve read so far in 2012:


50 Books in 52 Weeks: My 2012 Reading Log
50 Books in 52 Weeks: My 2012 Reading Log

Looks like I have 48!

When do I read? (How do I have the time?)

I love immersing myself in another world, in a compelling character’s journey, so reading is an ultimate pleasure for me. Reading best fits into my life and daily schedule in the evenings, when the house is quiet and I’m settling down for the day. And since I don’t watch much television (it’s mostly in Czech where we live), I make the time to read.

How do I read? (Paper or digital?)

Digital is so convenient, isn’t it? I love the ability to find a book, press a button, and have it magically appear on my device (usually just my iPhone — no e-reader here yet). But, I will always have a love for the feel, smell, and tactile experience of reading from a book on paper. I order many books through Book Depository (free worldwide shipping), especially ones I know I’ll want to keep for years to come. I tend to keep my books as references, and also frequently lend the great ones to friends.

What are my favorite books?

Some of my all-time favorite books are: The Shell Seekers, all books by Kate Morton, The Language of Flowers, State of Wonder, and Jane Eyre. I keep track of a list of Favorite books here at Goodreads, and at Great New Books we keep a list of Book Recommendations.

How do I keep track of my reading?

I joined several years ago, and have really enjoyed keeping track of the books I read on their site. I also find many of the books I’d like to read from reading friends I admire and trust for their recommendations at Goodreads. If you haven’t joined Goodreads yet, you must. It’s a book-lover’s candy store.

How can you join me?

You can find me at Goodreads, and, I’d love it if you joined me and 4 other reading friends at an up-and-coming online book club called Great New Books. We’re growing and having fun reading and discussing books with many book-loving folks, every Wednesday, by reading one book per month. Find us at

Beginning this Wednesday (tomorrow, October 17 – 23), we’re giving away a copy of our November book pick, A Good American by Alex George. Stop by and leave a comment (any comment) to enter to win!

Okay, now a question For You: What is your favorite recent read? Any books you’d like to recommend? Thanks! I can’t wait to hear them …

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8 thoughts on “Great Books: My 2012 Reading Log

  1. I love looking at these covers! What a great way to display it. I’m impressed with 48 so far this year. My favorite recent books are AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker and LIGHT YEARS by James Salter. Both stayed with me for a long time. I also loved WILD by Cheryl Strayed.

    1. Thanks for sharing your recent favorite reads with me–I’m adding them to my Goodreads to-read list. Especially Wild. I’ve heard so much about it. Thank you, Lindsey!

  2. I also followed Nina into this challenge, and I’ve been loving it. I think I’m on book 46 now, and I overlap with a lot of the titles on your list. I second Lindsey in recommending Wild. I couldn’t put it down.

    1. Yay! My friend Nina is the one who got me hooked on 50 Books in 1 Year. ( She logs her books at her site and writes a one sentence description of what she thought of the book there. I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but instead log my read books at Goodreads. For the ones I love, I write a short review. For the books I really love, I put them on my Favorites shelf at Goodreads. Also, Goodreads has a yearly challenge that you can set up. I’ve entered the 50 Books for 2013 challenge, though I’m sure I’m a few books behind for the year so far. A sure indicator I need more pool time to read. 🙂 I’d love to hear what system you set up for tracking and logging your books, Dawn. Happy reading! xo

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