Prague’s National Theater: Astounding Beauty

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso

National Theater, Prague
The National Theater, Prague

If there were ever a time we need to wash the dust of life off, it is now.

I am so saddened by what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. A tragedy of that magnitude makes us all around the world consider how we should move forward, carry on, and still honor the vibrant lives and spirits that were cut short on that morning. Surely the answer is in helping the world heal and find peace, especially from the inside. Or as Miss Rumphius, one of my favorite children’s book characters, says: we need to help make the world a more beautiful place, soften the edges, and send out love.

One way to take part in hope is through art.

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

In Prague, where I currently live, art is all around, in the architecture, in the jazz rifts echoing along the city streets, in the sculptures and performances and rich cultural history. Czech Republic is a country whose heritage is art.

The National Theater, Prague
The National Theater, Prague

One of my favorite places to experience the wealth of Czech art is at the renowned National Theater. Compared to other major cities with quality performances, Prague’s ticket prices are low–almost embarrassingly low– and yet the art and ballet and music performed there are first class. If you enjoy live artistic performance, Prague’s National Theater is a must-do.

In my almost four years in Prague, I’ve seen several ballets, an opera, and an orchestral performance at the National Theater, and they’ve all been incredible. I highly recommend Swan Lake and the Christmastime Czech interpretation of The Nutcracker. But, to be honest, the price of the ticket would be worth it just to get into the Theater and sit in one of the boxes…

Detail in the National Theater, Prague
Detail in the National Theater, Prague

Do you remember Statler and Waldorf in the Muppets? The two elderly curmudgeons who’d heckle everyone who appeared on the show? Their famous box was as lavish as I could imagine a theater experience, until I sat in the National Theater.

Narod Sobe
Narod Sobe: Nation For Itself, National Theater, Prague
National Theater, Prague
National Theater, Prague

Isn’t it gorgeous? I hope if and when you do travel to Prague, you’ll dress up and experience the National Theater for a performance or two. It will be a time you’ll remember and cherish for life.

For you: Have you been to Prague’s National Theater? What were your impressions? And if you’re a theater-lover, where and what is your favorite performance?

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