Venice, Italy: the Color and Charm, a Photojournal

Venice, Italy

How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here we will sit and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony. -Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Venice, Italy
The Colors of Venice, Italy

“To not see Europe during our years in Prague would be like sitting at arm’s-length from a dessert table and not ever taking a bite.

All of Europe is so accessible from the Czech Republic — Rome, Paris, Stockholm, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, and Venice are all easily reached within a day’s drive. It’s been a terrific once-in-a-lifetime experience to live in Prague and get to travel Europe with our family. We are so grateful!”

I wrote the above words 2 years ago, when I visited Venice for the first time. And I can say in the time since, Venice has not let me out of its clutches. Venice enchants with its color and light, reflections and antiquity, lavishness and decay.

I have been working over the last year on my new novel, working-titled THE GOLDEN WILLOW, partially set in Venice and the Cinque Terre, Italy, and partly in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am enjoying it immensely, so much that the work in writing is still work, but also play. It is the vivid memory of my visits to Venice that fuels the creation.

So, this week, as I travel, I’m posting the images I love of Venice in February:

Venetian Carnevale Masks
Venetian Carnevale Masks
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

Gondola Parking, Venice
Gondoliers, Venice
Typical Venice
Typical Venice, my favorite shot
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Gondola Ride, Venice
Gondola Ride, Venice
Gondola Parking in Venice
Gondola Parking in Venice

I loved so many things about Venice– it is a breathtaking city in every way.

For You: Have you visited Venice? What was your favorite part?

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2 thoughts on “Venice, Italy: the Color and Charm, a Photojournal

  1. Oh, Jennifer, you convey the beauty and magic of Venice with your words and images here. I didn’t make it to Venice, while in Italy, but did fall in love with Florence and Sienna enough to always want to experience Venice. Thank you for sharing the journey here. I’ll hold these images when I read THE GOLDEN WILLOW!


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