The Importance of Home: 9 Favorite Quotes and Photos

Maremma, Tuscany, Italy

The longer I circle the sun, the more I realize the importance of home. I’ve written about home here before, but to me there is no more important thing than to have a peaceful place to call home.

As always, I collect quotes. When I read, I jot one down, or I keep them in a journal. And recently, I’ve read quotes which have hit me about the word home.

There may not be any more beautiful word in the English language than home. It embodies more than a place, but a warm feeling, hopefully, that draws us up and nearer to those we love. It is a place for the heart. It is peace.

At least, that’s my hope. Home can be a place of acceptance, warmth and peace. That is one of my most important goals — to create a place for my family and our friends to gather and stay, to find respite and happiness, peace and laughter. For that place, home, is where I want to be, too.

The Importance of Home: 9 Favorite Quotes and Photos

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

Tuscany, Italy, and the Maremma

“Peace — that was the other name for home.” – Kathleen Norris

Maremma, Tuscany, Italy

“Love begins at home.” – Mother Theresa
Poppy and Morris happy to be home
Poppy and Morris, my cat and dog at home
“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” -Christian Morgenstern


Colorful flowers at home

“There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireside.” – Cicero

my viola and fireplace, home

“Home is any four walls that enclose the right person.” – Helen Rowland


“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than any magician ever spoke, or spirit even answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” – Charles Dickens


My home is covered with a blanket of snow right now … it’s cozy and warm. Just the way it should be through the cold winter. Soon it will be spring!

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Home: 9 Favorite Quotes and Photos

  1. Thanks Jennifer for giving us flowers in the winter. My home in Utah has had snow on the ground since the middle of December. We haven’t had a winter like this in quite a while, but over the weekend we had a light rain, the sun came out, temperatures rose, and the snow is melting. I’m excited for spring.

    1. Flowers always soothe my soul this time of year. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them, Kim, and I’m glad to hear your winter is coming to a close. We have snow on the ground, too, but certainly not for as long as you have. Just think: when spring comes, the colors will be that much more glorious!

    1. Thank you, Lindsey! Turns out I’m way behind on responding to comments… sorry, but I read it as always when you wrote it, and your words always mean so much. Thank you.

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