Summer in Chicago

“She is novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.” – Mark Twain

I traveled this week to Chicago for a work conference, and touched down just before the clouds opened with rain.

Touching down in Chicago
Hancock Building
Hancock Building at first light
Angles, pure blue, and a cloudless sky
Chicago and Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan from Lakeshore Drive
The scene near the River

After a steamy start, Chicago turned into a beauty — cloudless skies and gleaming buildings and a gentle breeze coming in off the Lake.

I lived in Chicago one summer when I modeled for Elite. The events I attended this week took me by the places I used to frequent, including the agency, which was on Superior–the same place where Cindy Crawford got her start.

One event that I’ll never forget from the months I lived in Chicago happened while my parents came up to visit. They’d parked their car on the street near the building outside the models’ apartment. That Sunday afternoon, I looked out the window from the 5th floor, and saw someone working on the passenger door of the car. That person was breaking in to the car. By the time I reached the sidewalk downstairs, the man was in the car, driving, turning left.

That wasn’t the last time I saw the car, though. The police did find it, stripped down — a shell of what it had been, sitting cock-eyed along a residential alley in Garfield Park.

Chicago isn’t an easy city, but she can be beautiful.

W. Superior near the “L”
Chicago and the "L"
Under the “L” tracks
A turn in the "L", Chicago
A turn in the “L”, Chicago
Midway, Chicago
busy Midway, Chicago

I enjoyed being there this week, walking the trails I walked long ago, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of a city still thriving alongside the Lake.

Have you been to and/or lived in Chicago? What is your favorite part?

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4 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. My first job out of High School was working for Harris Bank at 311 Monroe downtown Chicago. It was three blocks from the Burlington Northern train station and a 22 minute train ride to my suburban stop in Brookfield. It was nice to walk to the station and not have to pull a car out of the garage during the weekdays. I spent many evenings after work hanging out in the downtown area and along the lakefront.

  2. Such beautiful pictures!! Chicago has my heart. And my dads office was on superior! Love your writing ❤️

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