5 Reasons Coldplay’s Concerts Are the Best

Coldplay, Chicago Soldier Field, July 23, 2016

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…” – “Yellow” from Parachutes, Coldplay

It’s no secret I’m a Coldplay fan. Well, maybe not even a fan — their songs and albums form a large part of the soundtrack of my life. I blame it on “Clocks.” It’s genius, I think — played on almost all black keys on the piano. And then the lyrics. It’s the first Coldplay song I loved.

My family and I saw Coldplay in Prague when we lived there in 2012 (I wrote about it here), and this past weekend I had tickets to see Coldplay in Chicago with my oldest son, 17.

In Prague, a newspaper there wrote an article about how the Coldplay concert in 2012 was the first concert post-Communism that the Czechs really got into, really celebrated. That really spoke to me then, and it still speaks now.

After my second Coldplay concert, this time at Soldier Field, I can now say that it’s true. Coldplay has the best show. It’s impossible not to become caught up in the music.

5 Reasons Coldplay Performs the Best Concerts on the Planet

  1. Lights everywhere.

Everyone gets a lighted, automated-to-the-music wristband —

Lighted wristband at the Coldplay concert
Lighted wristband

Coldplay, Soldier Field Chicago, the fun! from Jennifer Lyn King on Vimeo. (30 second video)

2. Fun!

The band, its lights, its music, and the sound is irresistibly fun.

Coldplay, Soldier Field Chicago, July 23, 2016 from Jennifer Lyn King on Vimeo. (30 second video)

3.  Audience / band participation.

Sing-alongs. The band is authentically having fun, too.

Coldplay live at Soldier Field, Chicago, The Scientist, July 23, 2016 from Jennifer Lyn King on Vimeo. (30 second video)

4. Confetti, lights, music, dancing …

All of it equals one amazing time. This was my favorite part of the concert (– 53 seconds of pure joy):

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, Coldplay live at Soldier Field, Chicago, July 23, 2016 from Jennifer Lyn King on Vimeo. (53 seconds)

5. The energy —

The whole stadium was electric. And I’m not talking about the thunderstorms that wiped out the first two opening acts with about 300 lightning strikes and 3″ of rain, or the thunderstorm that stopped the Coldplay set about 5 songs early and caused the entire stadium to evacuate.

No, the feeling of being in an atmosphere of color, joy, happiness, sound, and fun is almost irreplaceable. I’ve been to many big concerts at giant venues. None equals, so far, the amazing feeling of being at Coldplay.

Lights, Color, Sound: Coldplay in Concert

The Coda:

Rain and lightning overpowered the show about 90 minutes in, and officials called for the stadium to evacuate. By that time, most of us, especially on the field, were swathed in cheap plastic ponchos. The $3.33 I spent on my poncho was the best purchase I’ve made for a long time. The heavens truly opened up and dumped down rain by the stadium-full.

To evacuate, we slogged through rivers 3 – 6″ deep of running water almost the whole way to the north end of the park area, a mile away. The crowd on the other hand didn’t dampen. “Whoa-oh” from some of the choruses continued in song during the mass exodus, flashes of lightning and crashing thunder the accompaniment along the way. And, some turned the walk into a slip-n-slide through the water-covered grass. I had water streaming in my eyes, and it was hilarious.

I loved the Coldplay concert at Chicago’s Soldier Field, apocalyptic weather and all. When Coldplay comes around again, I’ll be there.

Thanks for the fun, Coldplay, and for bringing light and joy to so many around the world.

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