The Bends in the Road

The winding road along the Croatian Coast, near Bosnia

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn.” – Helen Keller

The winding road along the Croatian Coast, near Bosnia

I love Helen Keller’s quote above. It seems to say exactly what I sometimes have a hard time comprehending about change in life.

So many times, change feels like it’s the end of the road. The end feels final, something to mourn and grieve and perhaps stay stuck on for time to come. Because, when something ends, what will happen next?

We all go through change and instances that feel like the end. But what if sometimes the changes are really a bend in the road? What if we hang on and adjust and steer through the change?

Changes — The Bends in the Road

Recently, I have been through a lot of change.

  • This weekend, we moved my oldest son into a dormitory for his first year of college.
  • Two weeks ago, the team and I decided that after 5 great years, this was the time to let sunset and posted our final post.
  • My younger two sons are now both in high school and started school a few days ago.

These are all sizeable changes. And somehow, I do find it hard to hang on. But I know that by hanging on, taking care of myself, through prayer and keeping my chin up, these changes will help me to grow and change for the better.

With my oldest at college, I have more time to spend with my younger two. And the time with my oldest, when I do get to see him, will be that much more special. That, and I cannot wait to see where life takes him. I am so proud of him.

With the change of GreatNewBooks, I will (and do) have more time in the margins of my life. GNB has been one of the most wonderful things I have ever been a part of, and with such a great group of women. But between single-momhood, a demanding job I love, and three sons and dear friends I want to have time to be with, there is not much time in the margins for things which refuel me — painting / photography / writing. I am enjoying and looking forward to the fullness of extra time each week.

And with my youngest two in high school, my kiddos are growing up. Soon my youngest will be driving. Yet I love getting to see them become more of who they are meant to be — they are such great young men.

So yes, there are several bends in the road right now, as I am sure there are for you, too. But hold on with me and enjoy the ride. I am confident what is to come will take our breath away with joy.

Catch the joys as they fly!

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3 thoughts on “The Bends in the Road

  1. Well and truly, a wonderfully informed and expressed post, adhering to the maxim, ‘Truth Is Beauty.’ We hope for you, every good wish as you gracefully negotiate the bends in the road. As the wise man said, “Change is life’s constant.”

    Cheers to you and your sons.

  2. As a man nearing retirement, I recently returned to Europe to see what I had missed as a very young man in the 1970s. The cost is nearly four times now what it was then, and so is the cost of terrorism I suspect. Their lifestyles have improved materially, just as ours have in the states, and they have welcomed refugees, as we have, into many European countries. But the stories from various parts of Europe have been heartbreaking from the barbaric acts committed. Thankfully Prague was not touched by that, and I felt very safe on a side trip to Poland as well. A recent attack in Spain devastated many people there as well. I pray they will continue to make safer conditions for travelers there, and their economy will not be affected by this. Bends in the road are increasingly more common it seems for those navigating through life. kind regards

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