35 Ways I’m Finding Joy This Spring

Lilacs in bloom

Here in Ohio, Spring has been hard to find. Winter kept its grasp on the weather and continued snowing up until the last week of April. It’s difficult to feel like winter will ever end on years like this one. And yet, spring is indeed arriving, even if it is a few weeks late. Now, the flowers are blooming, undeterred. The lilacs (photo below) caught me off guard — I hadn’t expected them. But despite the adverse weather, whether it’s in our natural worlds, or in our lives, difficulties do pass, and color does return to our worlds. We just have to hang on. Tight, sometimes. This spring, I am excited for the color. Looking for the joys also helps me to see them, especially when I slow down. Finding joy is one of the most important things we can do.

“Let your joy be in your journey—not in some distant goal.” —Tim Cook

Here, a few ways I’m finding joy this spring:

  1. a mason jar brimming with Lilacs from the yard Lilacs in bloom
  2. the sound of songbirds waking the dawn
  3. a table-full of family
  4. cappuccinos in the morning
  5. candlelight
  6. a sunroof open kind of day
  7. finding a penny and making a wish
  8. Lindt chocolates by the bag-full
  9. fresh baked cookies
  10. a simple, sincere thank you
  11. roadtrips
  12. a week with no snow
  13. spring florals and a fragrant breeze
  14. a smile ear-to-ear
  15. a glass of rose
  16. a hug from a long-time friend
  17. singing along in the car
  18. sandals and sunshine
  19. picnic in the park
  20. spotting my first hummingbird of the season!
  21. high-fives to a job well done
  22. unexpected opportunities
  23. spicy guacamole
  24. a low full moon
  25. an American flag waving in the breeze
  26. scent of cut grass
  27. hikes through the forest
  28. peonies bursting into bloom
  29. the blue of a crisp spring sky and hydrangeas in bloom
  30. the purr of a kitten
  31. clean scent of air after a hard rain
  32. a shelf full of books ready to read
  33. clean sheets, a hot bath, and an evening to soak it in
  34. music playing, and dancing follows
  35. laughter. Till your sides hurt and your heart feels whole and happy

The truth is this spring has been busy–far too busy, in my opinion. But the good news is when the days slow down and I have time to breathe again, finding joy comes more easily. The simple things spill into the moments and fill my heart again.

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” —Helen Keller

My favorite time of year is when the grass greens, the skies clear to pure blue, and the flowers burst into bloom. The world is a riot of color, if we look for it. If I am open to the joys, they pile up and my thankfulness meter returns to the right place. All is well with the world.

Please share the joys you find that bring light to your spring days. I continue to capture photos of spring on Instagram under the hashtag #100Springs. Wishing you a wonderful spring day!

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4 thoughts on “35 Ways I’m Finding Joy This Spring

  1. What an inspiring list of the stunning natural beauty that surrounds us if we only take a minute to see. Thank you for the reminder to look. Happy Spring !

    1. My reply to you, Barbara, is alarmingly late, and I apologize — thank you for adding your thoughts and insights! I hope you had a great spring, as well!

  2. I too find so much joy in the flowers of spring. I walked into the back yard today and was amazed at how my white lilacs had bloomed (almost over night.) I quickly gathered a bouquet to take inside. I think it is a gift to find joy in such simple things as those you’ve listed. Being grateful definitely focuses our attention on the abundance of beauty and joy all around us.

    1. Hi Kim — my reply to your gorgeous comment is appallingly late and I apologize. Thank you for adding your thoughts and insights! Your lilacs sound lovely, and I agree — finding joy in the simple things is a pleasure and an exercise in gratitude. Thank you! I hope you have had many bouquets this spring!

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