Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Switzerland, and Home to Prague: a photojournal

The opportunity to drive to Italy for a family vacation was truly a dream. Not only did we experience the grand mountains of the Alps, but also saw things we did not expect to see: countless castles, gravity-defying vineyard terraces and hillside towns, and sailboats dotting the azure Italian Riviera. It was surely a tripContinue reading “Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Switzerland, and Home to Prague: a photojournal”

Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal

Our October vacation in Tuscany, in the Maremma region in sight of the Argentario peninsula, was spectacularly refreshing. Not only was the beach completely deserted, but we were so far out of civilization we were without television or internet during our stay. The silence felt deafening, at first. But soon, the hum of modern noiseContinue reading “Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal”

The Drive to Italy, a photojournal

It all started in a Czech snowstorm. An October snowstorm, that is… As US expats living in Prague, we had the incredible privilege of driving to Italy for a vacation. The trip as a whole took our breath away– Italy, and the the entire trip there and back, had a beauty beyond what we could have dreamed. AndContinue reading “The Drive to Italy, a photojournal”

Eight Days under the Tuscan Sun

When I saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun years ago, Tuscany became a place I yearned to visit. The cinematography in the movie was beautiful, and the lure of a slower pace of life combined with the elements of great Italian foods and wines only accented the gentle beauty of the Tuscan land. We’veContinue reading “Eight Days under the Tuscan Sun”