What Freedom Means Now

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” -Nelson Mandela An American flag flies high above the US Embassy in Prague, from an iconic white building high on Petrin Hill, where it billows in the breezes alongContinue reading “What Freedom Means Now”

23 Countries & 5 Seas: My 3 Years in Prague Travel Log

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo In the past few years, since my family and I moved to Europe from the US Midwest, I’ve had the opportunity to see and travel to far more places than I ever dreamed. It’s beenContinue reading “23 Countries & 5 Seas: My 3 Years in Prague Travel Log”

Charles Bridge, Prague, and Sunrise in Fog

“Under the thinning fog the surf curled and creamed, almost without sound, like a thought trying to form inself on the edge of consciousness.” – Raymond Chandler, from The Big Sleep If there would be one scene that defines Prague for me, it is the serpentine Vltava River winding through the city. Bridges cross theContinue reading “Charles Bridge, Prague, and Sunrise in Fog”

Amazing Restitution after Complete Loss: Regaining Six Centuries of Lobkowicz Family Collections

“Attracting the attention of invading armies … objects in precious metals were the first to disappear from a household …” -The Lobkowicz Collections, on the value of their family’s vast decorative arts collections   As I look to wrap up my thoughts for 2011, after traveling more than 12 countries and dipping my toes inContinue reading “Amazing Restitution after Complete Loss: Regaining Six Centuries of Lobkowicz Family Collections”

The Artistic Mystique in Prague’s Vltava Bridges

“Life is an art, and you are the artist.” -unknown Last week, I took this photo from Prague’s Mala Strana (Lesser Side), standing beside the Prague Castle complex near the ancient Golden Lane. Artists and writers (Franz Kafka) and dreamers are known to have lived and worked near this outlook. It is no wonder …Continue reading “The Artistic Mystique in Prague’s Vltava Bridges”

Autumn in Prague

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.  -Antoine de Saint-Exupery In Prague, the leaves are changing into brilliant splashes of color scattered among the city’s rigid architecture. And autumn in Prague also means fog. Which means more beauty,Continue reading “Autumn in Prague”

EAT, STRAY, LOVE: Italy, Tuscany, and the Maremma

Posted on August 11, 2010 With the release of another popular film set in Italy, people worldwide know of the country’s most luscious region: Tuscany. But few realize the Mediterranean Sea skims along the classic wine and olive region, and combines sensational flavors with unforgettable views. Here, find three ways to enhance the Italian culinaryContinue reading “EAT, STRAY, LOVE: Italy, Tuscany, and the Maremma”

One Year in Prague

Posted on July 22, 2010 Growth is the only evidence of life. ~John Henry Newman, Apologia pro vita sua, 1864   We have a globe in our house– you know, the normal kind with the light blue ocean and different colors for every country in the world. But before we moved to Europe last summer,Continue reading “One Year in Prague”

Memorial: Three Thoughts on Terezin

Last Friday, I journeyed with two European friends to Terezin Concentration Camp an hour north of Prague. We spent the day there, in the post-Nazi ghost-town that remains. After a few days of processing the visit, I am sure it is a day I will never forget. The facts: Terezín Nazi Concentration Camp: 140,000 imprisoned fromContinue reading “Memorial: Three Thoughts on Terezin”

What Prague Looks Like in Winter

This week, as I continue work on my in-progress novel (and deplete all of my brain cells), I’m taking the opportunity to post photographs I’ve taken from in and around Prague this winter. So, what does Prague look like in the winter? Beautiful! And, given the heap-loads of snow we’ve had in the past fewContinue reading “What Prague Looks Like in Winter”