The Artistic Mystique in Prague’s Vltava Bridges

Prague and the Vltava River

“Life is an art, and you are the artist.” -unknown

Prague and the Vltava River
Prague and the Vltava River

Last week, I took this photo from Prague’s Mala Strana (Lesser Side), standing beside the Prague Castle complex near the ancient Golden Lane. Artists and writers (Franz Kafka) and dreamers are known to have lived and worked near this outlook. It is no wonder …

I am inspired by the view, for it overlooks the turn in the Vltava River which runs through Prague. On the other side of the river, Prague’s Old Town stretches out in the haze with endless tile rooftops and countless beautiful spires. And the bridges— from the Charles Bridge to the furthest turns in the River, the bridges crossing the Vltava fade into the haze and fog that often lingers in Prague.

The fact is: Prague has inspired artists and musicians and people who take the time to notice, for centuries. The bridges and the spires poking up skyward through the fog stop my heart, endlessly. Every view here in this beautiful Prague is a piece of art. Living here is a dream just waiting to be photographed, painted, and written about.

There is so much living to do, so many places to discover, so much beauty to inspire our lives … Do you have a favorite view that inspires you? Of mountains, plains, a city, or the ocean?

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