Sunset over the Adriatic

Sunset over the Adriatic
Sunset over the Adriatic
Sunset over the Adriatic

When I took this photograph, I was standing with my family in the extreme south of Croatia, on the Lapad Peninsula just outside of the magnificent and near-ancient fortress city of Dubrovnik. We had heard so many amazing things about coastal Croatia that we stayed in a great little hotel right on the coast. This was the view from our balcony.

All along the coast of Croatia, islands fan out like rocks skipping across the water. And the Adriatic Sea is like a chameleon, changing from green to blue to turquoise and back again, all depending on the sun. From this vantage point, one lighthouse is visible on one of the islands, though it looks too tiny to be real. But it is real. We could watch three other lighthouses blink their guard over the Sea from this spot. It was magnificent.

It still is. I’m glad to get to share it with you … -JK

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