Prague’s Sunset Brilliance

Brilliant Prague Sunset
Brilliant Prague Sunset
Brilliant Prague sunset

The breathtaking sky over a Prague forest

On this winter evening, I happened to see this reflection in the windows of another building. And, like every time I see something that takes my breath away, I scrambled to grab my camera. Prague is known for its numerous and vast green spaces, and this sunset photo was taken, bordered by one of those many forests below.

Though iPhone photos are always handy, and do a great job posting on Facebook and Twitter, an image taken on my digital SLR is always better. This evening, I had my camera nearby. And wow, what a view!

This sunset is a consuming fire, with color and brilliance enough to melt my heart.

The big artist … keeps and eye on nature and steals her tools. -Thomas Eakins

Have you watched a memorable sunset this winter? -JK

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