Roses and Friendship

Life's Beautiful Things ...

… Time for roses and friendship, days of love and laughter …

Life's Beautiful Things ...
Life's Beautiful Things ...

Writing is a solitary work, usually consisting of a writer hunkered down in a quiet and lonely room entertaining another world in his or her head, all just to get the work down and onto the screen. I write at my Writing Chair, with a laptop perched on my lap, and our sweet little Labradoodle tucked into the space at my side. And in that way, I write for hours at a time, most days of the week, for most months of the year. It’s fun (for me)!

But, I’m also an extrovert, and need my time with family and friends. So, the second the laptop shuts, I’m off to recharge with others. One of my goals for 2011 was to have more lunches with friends, because one of my firm philosophies in life is that time eating with friends is one of the richest experiences we can have. Time for laughter, to share friendship and burdens and happiness.

There is nothing more beautiful than time for roses and friendship, and love and laughter … Here’s to making space for more of that in our days. -JK

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