In the Light of Diamonds

The Beautiful Adriatic Sea
Driving through Croatia
Driving through Croatia

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to travel with my family for Spring Break from our house in Prague, since we are American expats living abroad for a couple years. When we needed to decide where to go, we asked all sorts of friends about a good place to see, driving by car, as a family. The seaside in Croatia, they all said, was a beautiful place. So we decided unanimously to travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Beautiful Adriatic Sea
The Beautiful Adriatic Sea

After hours and hours of research and finding a hotel right on the coast of the Croatian Lapad Peninsula, we set our navigation and started south toward Dubrovnik. Little did we know how much traveling and staying in the region would affect us, how much we would love it, and how much it would rearrange our hearts.

We stayed in graffiti-riddled Zagreb, passed by countless checkerboards of fresh white graveyards, teetered on tiny treacherous roads in rural Bosnia and seaside Croatia, and had an encounter with the Croatian police and numerous border patrols. It was an experience not easily shaken.

And there began my next novel.

Over the past year, I have tapped into the incredible beauty and extreme heartache of that region of Europe that has widely been forgotten—a place recently shredded by war, and yet is still so beautiful it takes my breath away.

The story developed into a women’s fiction novel with strong romantic threads, about the pull and tug of two worlds in one woman’s life—her New York City fashion design life and her twin sister’s world in rural Bosnia.

My novel, entitled IN THE LIGHT OF DIAMONDS, is currently in the hands of my great agent, Chip, as he is taking it out on submission to publishing houses.

Here, a brief bit about IN THE LIGHT OF DIAMONDS:

Twenty-eight year old fashion designer Ali Boyd believes she will succeed in life with a bit of charm and a heap of hard work, all on her own. But when she meets her young niece for the first time, and learns she has been left in New York without her mother, Ali puts aside her glitzy life to find her sister in rural Bosnia. She journeys with architect friend Nate Pryce, and together they endure the shattered country and the sobering events surrounding their trip. Though she returns without her sister, she comes back shaken by the inherent beauty of a broken country and a newfound love—both force her to face her life in a fresh light. Throughout her journey to Bosnia and back again, she comes to realize the many ways in which love can manifest, and the power it has to change a life.

Hoping that this story will land in the right place at the right time … thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. I will keep you posted as to how it goes …

Thanks for sharing in my writing journey! -JK

PS> A little note about website troubles here … sorry, but my site is having to be redone piece by piece … it should be all back up and looking right within a week! Thanks for understanding.

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