Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscan Sun

Light is sweet, and it pleases the eye to see the sun. -Ecclesiastes

The Tuscan Sun
The Tuscan Sun

Italy has proven to be one of my favorite countries in Europe–there is something about the rich food and warm people, combined with the land. And no part of Italy’s land is more beautiful, to me, than Tuscany.

Think mountains and vineyards striping the sides of the hills. Picture olive groves dotting the land like checkerboards, and grazing sheep wandering in pastures nearby. And seaside of the Mediterranean. But most, I love the sun.

The sun shines in Tuscany like nowhere else in the world. Its brilliance is what lingers long after the trip to Italy has ended. Truly, the Tuscan sun warms the soul.

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One thought on “Tuscany, Italy

  1. *I’m re-adding these comments that had been deleted from a website crash…*

    So true – The Tuscan sun is good for the soul. There is something magical about the pace of life and the people in Tuscany, it is if peace is surrounding you.

    After soaking in the Architecture, History, Culture, Wonders and beauty of Italy’s major cities Tuscany was a welcome rest-bit before moving on to Switzerland and Paris,

    So glad you brought this one up!


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