January 4: Something Out of Nothing

St. Moritz and Engadin, Switzerland

January 4

Something Out of Nothing

O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.(Isaiah 64:8)

One thing I love about life is being able to make something new from whatever materials are at hand. Take, for instance, the ability to begin with a blank canvas and add a few colors to make a beautiful painting. We can combine scraps of fabric to create a beautiful quilt, or raise a beautiful garden out of dirt and a few seeds. We can take simple things and make them into something that previously did not exist. 

God is the master Creator of all that exists. God causes a seed to grow into something grand from a patch of dirt, a sprinkle of water, and some sunshine. He also wants to transform our lives one day at a time into something beautiful. The master Creator wants to take the raw materials of our lives and continually mold us into something new and beautiful. Each new day, God invites us to fuller lives as we allow him to shape our lives. 

Work with God to give your life a beautiful new shape today. 

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