January 5: A Little Winter Color

St. Moritz and Engadin, Switzerland

January 5

A Little Winter Color

Set your minds on things of heaven, not the things of earth. (Colossians 3:2)

Every year in early January, colorful garden catalogs begin arriving in my snow-covered mailbox. Nursery plant growers realize that in the bleakest days of the year, garden-lovers like me long for a little color. If we can’t see beautiful flowers in the back yard, then we pore over plant catalogs to nourish our light- and color-deprived eyes. It is refreshing to think about beautiful gardens in the middle of winter.

Just as I take joy in planning my garden in the dark days of winter, our hearts are refreshed as we fix our thoughts on God. When we focus on God, we gain God’s perspective on our earthly problems. As we see our lives through his eyes, we realize that the God who created heaven and earth holds the circumstances of our lives close to his heart. 

 Setting our minds on lovely things brightens our outlook and colors our world. As we meditate on God and his goodness, our lives will reflect his joy. Resting secure in God’s love, we can reflect God’s light into the lives of others.

Set your eyes on heavenly things and fill your life with joy.

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