January 30: Quietness and Confidence

The original Angel sculpture from the 500s, symbolizing the end of the plague, Castel Sant'Angelo

January 30

Quietness and Confidence

In quietness and confidence is your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

Winter always brings a favorite sport at our house. When the first snow falls, our boxer, Jesse, knows her role. We walk the toboggan onto the snow-covered street, load the kids up one-two-three on the sled, and Jesse pulls it away. Dogs love productive work, and Jesse feels useful when she pulls the sled. She goes untiringly all over the neighborhood until she wears herself out. Then she’s done, kaput.  

Surely God looks down on us as we go about our little routines in such a frenzy, wondering why we make life such hard work. Perhaps, like Jesse, we need to feel useful. It is easy to fill up the schedule with activities, and then to fill it up even more, to make us feel worthwhile. Our hurry does not make our lives any richer. We just keep cramming more in until we are exhausted.  

God says that quietness gives us confidence and strength. We were made for calmness, not craziness. Instead of wearing yourself out, take a few minutes to replenish your spirit with the Lord. He will restore you. 

God gives us quiet strength and confidence.

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