January 10: On a Great Team

Prague Charles Bridge in Snow

January 10

On a Great Team

Have faith in God. (Mark 11:22)

Each January, the world watches with great anticipation and celebration as a display of self-sacrifice, discipline, and teamwork lights up living room screens. We watch with delight the competition for the title in professional football: the Super Bowl. As a nation, we are inspired by the passion and skills displayed for the benefit of the team.  

In life, we can choose to be on God’s team. God gave each of us talents and skills that he wants us to use to passionately impact our world.  

To be most effective, we need daily contact with God in prayer. As he calls the plays, we must run faithfully as he directs. As we respond wholeheartedly to his calls, our lives will be effective. Just as touchdowns are scored by a team working together, our lives gain significance as we work together with God and others.

When we act in faith to the best of our ability, God works behind the scenes to pull things together. Being on God’s team means responding when God calls the plays and trusting him for the outcome. Together, we can touch the world.

We team up with a mighty God.

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