January 14: Set Free

Lake Como at Sunrise, Northern Italy

January 14

Set Free

Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

To get through the winter doldrums, I enjoy feeding the birds. The red cardinals are delightful and the chickadees practice their lively flight just outside our window. One year, we hung a circular feeder with large cathedral windows. Once when it was empty, a tiny chickadee slipped under the glass in search of seed. I worked hard in the frozen air to encourage the trapped chickadee back out. If it was difficult for the bird to squeeze into the feeder, it was even harder for him to exit, but he eventually flew away.

God probably watches us become trapped by various aspects of life: a hard-to-break habit, an abusive relationship, a financial burden, a dead-end job. We somehow manage to squeeze into situations that look good from the outside, and then we are unable to free ourselves, once trapped.  

When the events of our lives hold us captive, God calls us to freedom. Jesus paid our way out of life’s traps when he gave his life for ours on the cross. When we trust him, we begin to clearly see the route to freedom. Trust God to set you free today.

We are set free by God’s love.

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