January 16: Healthy Balance

Garden Rose at first frost

January 16

Healthy Balance

[Jesus] sent them out to tell everyone about the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.(Luke 9:2)

January is a busy time for health clubs and fitness centers, as Americans deal with post-holiday pounds and honor New Year’s fitness resolutions.  

Jesus spent much of his life healing the sick, physically and spiritually. Jesus demonstrates that our physical and spiritual wellbeing should be a top priority, and that the health of body and soul are invariably related. Remember the last time you liked the way you looked, inside and outside?

To change our quality of life, we must make conscious choices and practice them until they become habits. Imagine taking small steps throughout the year toward a healthier you!  

Experts recommend getting thirty minutes of exercise a few times per week, eating fresher, less-processed foods, and getting a good night’s sleep. In addition, setting aside a few minutes daily to connect with God in silent reflection, prayer, and Bible reading will strengthen us inside out. By taking small steps, we can achieve a healthy balance that helps us to be at our best. God will meet us in our goals, empower us to follow through, and fill our lives with love and joy. God cares about our physical and spiritual health.

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