January 17: Born to Love

Deep Red Tulips

January 17

Matching Hearts

God created human beings in his own image. (Genesis 1:27)

It is fun to talk with married couples and hear stories about how they met. Some met on blind dates, in college classes, or at work, and some were high school sweethearts. Usually couples discover some funny coincidence after they meet, like growing up in the same church or town without knowing each other. As they grow together in marriage, couples gain matching hearts.    

The same principle applies to us with God. Before we were born, God formed each of us to reflect his image. As we begin to know him, we realize that our hearts are made from the same mold as his. Like him, we were born to love, to delight, to create, and to live fully day by day. We look at many worldly things, trying to find a satisfying match for our hearts, but without God in our lives, we are incomplete, dissatisfied, and still searching.  

As humans, we are meant to be in relationship with God. Our souls are made for his. Our lives are only complete and fulfilled as we get to know Jesus. As we grow in spirit, our hearts become more like his. God matched our hearts perfectly to his.

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