January 18: A Road Map for the Way

The winding road along the Croatian Coast, near Bosnia

January 18

A Road Map for the Way

The Lorddirects the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. 

(Psalm 37:23)

Each year, our family likes to set off cross-country to explore new places via road trip. Of course, whether passing over mountains, navigating the coast, or crossing the plains, the key to every unfamiliar journey is to have a good map. 

Just as new destinations are best located by roadmap, each unfamiliar day is best begun with guidance. In the Bible, God has provided us with a reliable roadmap for our lives. The more we study and absorb his Word, the more familiar our course will become. Even when the hills of life seem higher and the daily road more winding than we expected, or we get homesick or carsick from life’s rugged journey, we can be encouraged. God has written of his love and recorded the journeys of those who have gone before us, to give us patience and endurance along the way.  

If your journey with God is tough, hang in there! The destination he has in mind will be worth the trouble. Connect daily with the Mapmaker and study the roadmap he has created. God directs us as we seek his way.

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