January 19: Sharing the Warmth

Crotto Buba, above Lake Como, Italy

January 19

Sharing the Warmth

When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.(Romans 12:13)

In a world that treasures domestic perfection and encourages faultless home entertaining, it is hard to open our hearts and homes to others. However, Jesus does not tell us to be hospitable according to a particular name brand or standard of perfection, but by opening our hearts and homes to others.  

Instead of concentrating on perfectly appointed décor, relaxing in a comfortable retreat where smiles abound and laughter rings out brings the greatest memories and rewards. The best times can take place across a garage sale table while sharing simple macaroni and cheese. True warmth and good hospitality do not require place cards. They can best be found in a warm smile to a stranger at the grocery, a kind word for a hurting soul, a generous meal shared with someone who is hungry, and a hearty welcome when our neighbors stop by.  

Take a step of faith and invite a friend for a cup of coffee; enjoy the simple joy of sharing your life with another. 

God wants us to open our hearts and homes.

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